Tell your story through images

Sietse Pieter van den Nieuwenhuijzen


With my pictures I like to show the world
through my eyes. Creating content that can
be valuable for you or your company.


As a videographer, I am always looking for
new ideas, stories and experiences to share
with the world. In the past, I have made
online video content, short films,
documentaries, weddings and corporate

Let me introduce myself

About me

Hi my name is Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen, I am a film maker and photographer. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In my childhood I have been to Waldorf school for 12 years. This inspired my creative mind. Ever since I’ve been young I have been searching for media to express my ideas. It started with music and now I share my perspective through image. I study International Media and Entertainment management at  the Breda University of Applied Sciences where I am currently enrolled in the fourth year. Besides my study I started this company; SPN-Media where I help companies reach their customers through visual imagery as well as telling stories that inspire me. If you like to know if I could be of any value to your company send me a message and I would be happy to talk it over with you. 

"Stories worth sharing"


With my photography, I can accomplish many things. I believe that pictures can inspire my audience to go and explore the beauty of the world, which sometimes can be found in unexpected places.







"ideas worth capturing"


With my videos I always tell a story, sometimes it’s more obvious for example in a short film or documentary, and sometimes it’s less obvious, but the story is always there and it comes together with a message to the viewer. 

Here you can find some of my latest work. I’ve captured my trip to Iceland from the sky, an amazing country with breathtaking landscapes. In the middle you see a video I shot of a family sailing trip. And on the right you’ll find that I also create brand promo videos to spread the message of different types of companies. For my full portfolio click on “MORE VIDEOS” or “Portfolio” under the videography tab.M





Let's get in touch

Sietse P van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Located in Breda & Amsterdam

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