Making videos is what I love to do. Telling a story with image and sound feels empowering and meaningful.
It is a great way to unleash my creativity and to create something that will exist forever.

Another PLanet

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In November 2018 I went to, in my opinion, the most beautiful country on the face of the earth, Iceland. With its magical landscapes, it literally feels like another planet. In this video, I show you Iceland from the sky.

To see Iceland from above is perhaps the best way to understand to enormity and aggressiveness of this landscape.

a journey to remember

Sailing In Medemblik

In the summer of 2018, we went sailing with the whole family to remember my grandfather. He was born in Medemblik and he was in love with the water and sailing. This is also how he met my grandmother, he passed his passion on to his children and grandchildren.

It was a great day and a memory we will always cherish.

Love to learn

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Promotional video OSB de Singel

Elementary school, OSB de Singel is a public school in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. In this promotional video for the 2018/2019 school year, we show all the different aspects of this wonderful school. The well being and development of the children is priority number one. Not only do kids learn how to calculate and write but also music, arts & craft, and social development are key learning goals.

It is important to know what a school does, but it’s even more important why it does it.

Wanna become a game designer?

BUAS IGAD Accreditation Video

A film to showcase the IGAD course at Buas. Together with teachers, students and alumni we tell you all about IGAD, its structure and the vision of this study. We also talk about the future of IGAD students and the course itself. Produced by mADE AV Year 3 2018


Director: Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Producer: Roderick Ferron

Camera: Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen,

Rein Peeters, Troy Grazen

Editor: Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen


Saving water in 360°

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Dutch Water Sustainability 360°

This 360° video is made with Creative Lap at Breda University. This video is a 360 video experiment to showcase water sustainability in the Netherlands, that is world-leading in at the moment. We chose to experiment with 360° video to give an immersive experience to the viewer looking around in a greenhouse to see how water is recovered and recycled.

My role in this project was very diverse. I was part of development and pre-production, production as cameraman and director of the interview segments and executive producer. Post production was done by students of mADE AV 2018.

Always keep learning

Internship at Tiny Riot!

In my internship at Tiny Riot! I have edited and filmed videos for many different clients. Producing smart online content with for companies to reach out to the world.

Tiny Riot! is part of Fremantle Media, one of the biggest media companies word wide. I learned a lot in five months on professional and individual level.

“Try to do one thing a day that is out of your comfort zone” – Founder of Tiny Riot

Hard work, big dreams

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A closer look into the daily life of Gilles Joannes, a talent from the NAC Youth Academy which trains kids from a young age to never give up and to always chase your passion for football. 

Nac Breda is a great team, and I would love to be in their first team. – Johannes Gilles


Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Tobias uhrich

Nick Pijler

Photographer on a flying carpet

Arizona from Above - Greg Brown

Greg Brown, is a areal photographer in Northern Arizona. This video was a part of the ‘Arizona From Above’ live show. As cameraman and editor I tried to show the world what an amazing story and job Greg Brown has.

Arizona from Above is a live television show made  in Flagstaff, Northern Arizona. With a crew of 21 people from NAU (Northern Arizona University) we made this show happen. As my roll of Director I was in charge of anything on screen and leading the team to a great live show.

For a good cause

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Serious Request is a co-production between 3FM, Corrino and BNN-VARA. This is a massive yearly production with many people working very hard to produce a great radio/television show for over 7 weeks. I was a live camera operator broadcasting 3 items per day, with in total over 1.5 million views on the public broadcasting. I did this project for two years in a row 2016 and 2017.


Jorien Renkema

Ruben Kooren

Lieke de Kok

Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Get back on your feet

Thebe Physiotherapy

Thebe is an organisation providing housing and service to the elderly and people in need. They help older people with their physical health by providing physiotherapy.

We created this video to show the elderly people in Breda that Thebe is the physiotherapy that serves their needs. 


Mats Pilger

Ilse Martens

Elise van poppel

Jim Derks

Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Frozen emotion

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David Dekkers is a taxidermist in The Hague, The Netherlands. In this short documentary, we take a closer look at his life and profession.

David is the best fish taxidermist in the Netherlands. 


Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Tobias uhrich

Nick Pijler

Frederique de Roos

Liselotte Smulders

Solving youth unemployment


Pauw Academy is a talk show for and by students. This episode is about youth unemployment and how society can help youth with finding a job.

This project was a collaboration between Pauw (VARA) and NHTV. With a team of six, we provided the content, guests, and audience for this show.


Mats Pilger

Ilse Martens

Elise van Poppel

Jim Derks

Sietse van den Nieuwenhuijzen

Find your way back

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Strings Short Film is my first film

as a cinematographer. This is a

non dialogue short film about a

serial killer who made a mistake

with his recent victim.

NHTV Film festival 2016:

Nominated for best Audio 

Award for best Cinematography

Acting by

Earle – Geert Dekkers

Julia – Sanne Swinkels

Music by

Mart Vervaet

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